UCC Article 9 Foreclosure Sales

Foreclosure sales represent a bankruptcy alternative, and all parties need to be competently represented to ensure they are effectuated correctly

UCC Article 9 Foreclosure Sales

Ironically, many bankruptcy lawyers do not have expertise of even experience with Article 9 foreclosure sales. Fortunately, WGH does, because foreclosure sales are often used, in part, as an alternative to bankruptcy, which allows parties to restructure a company’s debt without the expense of Chapter 11. WGH’s experience provides parties with reliable advice and creative solutions so parties can take advantage of this underutilized insolvency tool. 

Foreclosure negotiations and sales can be technical, so it is imperative to retain experienced counsel.

Still, the UCC is not federal law; it is a national legal framework. State regulations often vary, meaning disputes become exponentially more complicated when they cross state lines. To further complicate things, you must issue a ‘reasonable notice’ of sale per your state and prove that this is a legal recourse. We offer expert legal counsel that can help with both.

What Our Clients Say

Whether you are a debtor who feels like a UCC-9 foreclosure sale is unreasonable or a creditor who needs help navigating this complex process, our team of attorneys can help.