Out-of-Court Workouts

Out-of-court restructuring of debts and assets and improvement in profitability

Out-of-Court Workouts

Out-of-Court workouts represent a great strategy for companies to overcome financial challenges through financial restructuring with creditors. We always strive to avoid in-court battles and, if feasible, will deploy an out-of-court strategy.

Our firm understands that the key to a successful out-of-court workout is having a fundamental understanding of business, insolvency laws, and people skills. Restructuring debts is like a puzzle that requires finesse and creativity to solve.

Our firm’s professionals are uniquely trained and experienced in finance and business matters and can often avoid the expense of Chapter 11 by successfully negotiating a consensual restructuring of a company’s debts using their business acumen, extensive expertise in debtor/creditor rights, and creative solutions.

This experience, coupled with the exceptional EQ and IQ of the firm’s professionals, results in extraordinary results in the out-of-court restructuring of companies in financial distress.

Out-of-court workouts can:

  • Avoid costs of Chapter 11 cases for the debtor and creditor
  • Give the debtor and creditor more control over the disposition of the debtor’s assets
  • Avoid the stigma that comes with filing for bankruptcy
  • Provide an opportunity to pre-negotiate terms of an anticipated Chapter 11 filing
  • Provide more privacy

What Our Clients Say

Out-of-court workouts can put you back on track toward financial stability. To determine whether this is a feasible solution for your situation, contact us. We are here for you, both in and out of court.