About Us

As one of Southern California’s premier boutique insolvency and bankruptcy law firms with a specialized focus on corporate debtor representation, WGH provides big firm sophistication without the associated and sizable expense

About WGH

Headquartered in Newport Beach and with offices in New York, the lawyers at WGH have been recognized for decades by their peers and the judiciary as leaders in corporate bankruptcy and insolvency. WGH’s practice is exclusively devoted to complex bankruptcy, insolvency, business reorganization, related commercial litigation, liquidations, acquisitions, out-of-court workouts, assignments for the benefit of creditors, receiverships, and other bankruptcy alternatives. Our firm’s practice includes pre-bankruptcy and post-bankruptcy planning and strategies.

Having one of the most experienced corporate debtor niche practices in California enables us to efficiently develop and deploy creative solutions for successful reorganizations while positioning us to best represent creditors, creditor committees, and other constituents involved with insolvency matters.

Our attorneys understand that the law is a means to accomplish their client’s business goals, not an end in and of itself. After carefully listening to clients’ issues and capabilities, we develop creative and practical solutions to resolve their challenges and accomplish their goals.

WGH provides innovative, responsive, and cost-effective legal solutions. For each case, the firm assembles a team of appropriately experienced attorneys and uses the resources of our legal assistant staff to economically serve our clients’ needs.

At WGH, we strongly believe in acting proactively and seek to avoid the cost and risks associated with court intervention. WGH excels in accomplishing its clients’ goals through consensual resolutions with adversaries. Notwithstanding, if court intervention is needed, WGH will zealously represent its clients in and, if necessary, out of court.

As one of Southern California’s premier boutique insolvency and bankruptcy law firms with a specialized focus on corporate debtor representation, WGH provides big firm sophistication without the associated significant expense 

We’re as good as it gets…but for less.

What Sets Us Apart

We approach legal issues with a business eye. Lawyers often focus on the legal solution without realizing or considering the business issue driving the legal situation or the economics of resolving the issue. We do not get “lost in the forest of law.” Our attorneys evaluate all legal issues through the lens of each client’s business and economic goals.

We advise clients based on economic value. The law is a tool. We develop cost-effective strategies and solutions for each client’s circumstances by assessing the value of the issue, the expected cost to obtain results, and the probability of success.

We offer big firm sophistication without big firm rates and bureaucracy. Our legal prowess, capabilities, and strategies rival the top law firms, but our rates, structure, and nimbleness produce more cost-effective results. Plus, we offer legal services at lower billable rates and are unencumbered by big firm bureaucracy, billable hour quotas, training costs, fancy offices, and other attributes that hinder efficient and effective counsel.

We are empathetic toward each client’s legal and financial challenges. As a niche bankruptcy boutique law firm with specialty debtor expertise, our attorneys thoroughly understand how to handle the legal, financial, and emotional challenges that corporate owners face in these legal situations.

We possess extensive corporate debtor experience. WGH has developed niche expertise in representing corporate debtors inside and outside Chapter 11. This unique and extensive experience translates to superior efficiencies and effectiveness, particularly with the local bankruptcy judges.

Who We Serve

At WGH, our attorneys have decades of experience and proven success. We provide unparalleled representation to:

  • Publicly and privately held corporate debtors
  • High-net-worth individual debtors
  • Non-institutional creditors
  • Creditor committees
  • Asset purchasers
  • Insolvency fiduciaries, including Assignees, Receivers, and Trustees