General Overview

Winthrop Golubow Hollander, LLP, located in Newport Beach, California, is one of Southern California’s premier bankruptcy law firms. For more than three decades, the lawyers at WGH have been recognized by their peers and the judiciary as leaders in their practice, which is exclusively devoted to complex bankruptcy, insolvency, business reorganization, related commercial litigation, liquidations, acquisitions, out-of-court workouts and general assignments for the benefit of creditors. The firm’s practice includes a pre-bankruptcy petition and post-bankruptcy petition planning and representation.

The firm has extensive experience representing debtors, creditors, bankruptcy trustees, creditors’ committees, asset purchasers and assignees and assignors in the context of a general assignment for the benefit of creditors. Our clients include publicly and closely held companies, as well as high net worth individuals.

The attorneys at WGH understand that the law is a means to accomplish their clients’ business and personal objectives, not an end in itself. They listen to their clients and take the time to learn about and understand their clients’ business as well as their needs.

WGH provides innovative, responsive and cost-effective legal solutions. For each case, the firm assembles a team of appropriately experienced attorneys and uses the resources of our legal assistant staff to economically serve our clients’ needs.

WGH places great emphasis on counseling clients on preventative measures, which include mediation and arbitration. This minimizes legal costs and disruption of our clients’ businesses and lives. Should litigation be necessary, however, the firm is committed to its clients by responding aggressively to disputes that cannot be settled by the parties themselves.

What Sets Us Apart

Approaching legal issues with a business eye. Lawyers often focus on the legal solution without realizing or considering the impact of the business issue driving the legal issue. WGH sees the light” and does not get “lost in the forest of law.” All legal issues are evaluated and resolved with the business issue in mind.

Advising clients based on economic value. While the law provides a platform by which to guide clients, decisions cannot be made based on the law alone. WGH develops strategies and solutions based on the economics of the situation. For every decision point, WCGH evaluates the value of the issue at hand, the expected cost to obtain results, and the probability of achieving success.

Big firm sophistication without big firm rates and bureaucracy. WGH’s legal prowess rivals the best of the best big law firms…but is offered at lower billable rates with greater capability of achieving efficient strategies. WGH is not stifled by big firm bureaucracy, billable hour quotas, training costs, fancy offices, and attributes that impede upon the rendering of efficient and effective advice. Consequently, instead of focusing on lawyer’s personal goals, WCGH is able to staff and manage its cases so as to achieve the most efficient and effective results for our clients.

WGH is empathetic toward client’s legal and financial challenges. As a boutique bankruptcy firm representing middle market companies, the attorneys at WGH have experienced the highs and lows of CEOs who have suffered or at least been impacted by financial challenges and devastation. Because of the size of our firm and clients, we can relate and empathize with our clients and the human and emotional consequences experienced by them.

Greater Chapter 11 experience. The lawyers at WGH, on average, have represented more debtors and other constituents in Chapter 11s than any other firm in Southern California, if not the country. This extensive experience translates to supreme efficiencies and effectiveness, particularly with the local bankruptcy judges.


WGH provides clients with a wide range of Bankruptcy,
Insolvency and related litigation services in several practice areas including:

• Chapter 11 – Reorganization and Liquidation
• Out-of-Court Workouts
• Distressed Acquisitions and Investment
• Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors
• Receiverships
• Bankruptcy and Related Commercial Litigation
• UCC Article 9 Foreclosure Sales









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